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In 2040, the population with dementia in China will equal to the total in high income countries.

China has become an aging society in the 21st century. No country in the world bears such a heavy population burden as China does. The most serious problem in the aging process is the rapid increase of seniors with advanced age, which will lead to an increase of chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s and related dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks of daily living. Currently there is no cure for this devastating disease.

Studies have shown that the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementia is 10% among persons above 65 years of age, and as high as 40% or more among those older than 80 in developed countries. Along with the aging of the population, dementia has become a public health problem worldwide.

Years of epidemiologic survey has revealed that the incidence rate of dementia in China is similar with that in developed countries. Currently there are approximately ten million patients with senile dementia in China. And the number of people affected by the disease is many times as they have to live with the patients and take care of them.

Meanwhile, the aging process of China’s society is accelerating, and the problem will get even worse. The incidence rate of dementia will increase by above 100% in the coming 20 years. Dementia will definitely be epidemic. In 2040, the population with dementia in China will equal to the total in high income countries.

1. Overwhelming disease burden

Dementia is one of the diseases of highest mutilation rate among all chronic diseases. That means that more and more seniors will need long-term care from family and society. Dementia brings overwhelming disease burden to the patients, families and the country as well.

2. Public awareness of Dementia needs to be corrected

The name of “Dementia” is not new to most Chinese people, but few of them really know about it. The majority regards it as a part of normal aging, and does not understand the progressive pathological changes from incubation to onset. Many people do not have any knowledge about how to prevent or treat, nor about how to take care of patients. At somewhere, patients with dementia are laughed at, and are misunderstood, isolated, discriminated or even abused.

3. Low rate of medical diagnosis and treatment

Some incomplete statistical researches indicate that the rate of missed diagnosis has reached more than 75% and that only 21.3% of the patients have taken medicines. Meanwhile, prevention and treatment of dementia in eastern part and western part of China differs a lot. Take Shanghai, whose aging situation is the most serious in China, as example, the hospital visit rate reached 41.1% in 2007. However in Xi’an, the central city of Western China, the rate only hit 2.3% in 2007.

4. Limited medical facilities in China

The medical facilities for diagnosing and treating senile dementia are located at very few top hospitals. There are only hundreds of medical professionals experienced in early diagnosis. The doctors and nurses work at community hospitals are not able to perform early screening of dementia.

5. Limited caregivers

Most nursing facilities in China can’t offer appropriate services for seniors with dementia. Now China still needs ten million caregivers for elders, not speaking of those dedicated to patients with dementia.

6. Heavy burden on family caregivers resulting in decreased quality of life

Dementia is also called family disease, for patients need long-term care. These patients gradually lose cognitive and daily-life abilities with emerging psychiatric symptoms, requiring much more caring time than normal elders. Many family caregivers feel exhausted and depressed. Family care for patients with dementia has become an exceedingly heavy economic and mental burden.

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About Us

We are committed to improve the quality of life for patients and families affected by dementia

China Alzheimer’s Project is a leading voluntary health organization in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease in China.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for patients and families affected by dementia; and to enhance the capability for public to prevent and cope with dementia.

China Alzheimer’s Project was launched on September 21, 2009, the World Alzheimer’s Day by China Contemporary TCM Institute, a non-profit organization subordinated to the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We started our journey from providing health information and education to increase the public awareness about dementia.

In February 2010, we established our Scientific Advisory Board, which is a leading multidisciplinary integration of famous biomedical, clinical, and social experts, to help further our mission and benefit the people living with dementia in China.

In July 2010, CAP established cooperation with Nursing School of Peking University Medical Center. The collaboration will help family caregivers, volunteers and senior care providers in China improve the capability in Alzheimer’s Care by way of education and training programs.

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The mission of China Alzheimer’s Project is to improve the quality of life for patients and families affected by dementia; and to enhance the capability for public to prevent and cope with dementia.

To increase the public awareness of Alzheimer's disease and other related dementia and promote brain health:

  • Website
  • Publications
  • Media
  • Volunteer community service
  • Joint health marketing programs

To provide knowledge and support for people living with dementia:

  • Volunteer community service
  • Family caregiver training program
  • Medical resource information
  • Legal guidelines

To enhance care providers’ capability to serve for seniors suffered from dementia:

  • Dementia care guidelines for senior care providers
  • Training program for professional caregivers and care managers

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We appreciate every contribution that may further our mission and help multi-million of patients, family members and caregivers living with dementia in China.

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As an officially registered NPO in China, CAP is qualified to accept funding from individual and organization donors. Your generous gift can help us to provide better care and support to people struggling with Alzheimer’s and other related dementia.


We provide various programs for volunteers to increase public awareness about Alzheimer’s and provide support to patients, families and more seniors. We also provide training courses for volunteers who are interested in community service.


We are interested in building partnership with NPOs and companies from developed countries which work in the frontline of fight against Alzheimer’s. China is a huge potential market with the largest elderly population in the world. CAP will be a bridge to help you reach it.

We can provide -

  • Consulting service for multi-center clinical trials;
  • Research on patients/families’ living status;
  • Consulting service for senior housing owners/managers who are interested in China market.


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